The Role of SEO: How Online Marketing Can Help Your Plumbing Business

The increasing number of plumbing businesses that are marketing their services online means that calling on the services of an online marketing company is important not only for generating traffic, but also attracting the right traffic in the first place. To see how marketing online can help your plumbing business become more competitive, it’s important to understand just how the specialists go about performing their services. [Read more…]


Reach More Customers by Marketing Your Veterinary Practice Online

Today’s pet owners look for information online before and after visiting a vet.

Bayer Healthcare’s Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study suggested that more and more pet owners today rely on the Internet to search for information about their pet’s health.

According to the study, almost 4 out 10 pet owners say they first look for information online when a pet is sick or injured, while nearly 3 out of 10 almost always go online after a veterinary visit.

Do you have an online presence? When pet owners go online looking for information about their pets’ health – is it YOU that they find? [Read more…]