Having a Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Website Can Help You Penetrate a Larger Market Segment

This is a fact:  Because mobile phones are seen as a very personal gadget, most women choose to use their smartphones to look for “very personal and private” information about their health. In fact, according to the latest statistics by the Pew Research Center, six in ten (or 61%) female phone owners use their gadgets to search for information online. [Read more…]


Plan an Online Marketing Campaign Today and Attract More Potential Patients for Your OB/GYN Practice

Why do women seek the help of an OB/GYN?

For some women, it isn’t easy to open up about delicate medical issues. However, studies suggest that many of them tend to actively seek the help of a professional online to discuss their health concerns.

There are many reasons why women seek the help of an OB/GYN like yourself, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 71% of these potential patients are looking for preventive care, while 16% are looking for information about a new problem. [Read more…]