Online Reputation Repair via an Ingenious Content Generation Approach

Modern consumers tend to believe almost everything they see on the Internet, especially as they look for particular products and services. For business owners, this trend could either be beneficial or detrimental to success as potential consumers base their purchase decisions on online reviews, blog posts, and comments that permeate search engine results and social media. Some businesses are bathed with commendations, while others are bombarded with complaints and bad reviews. The question is, which of these two are you? [Read more…]


[Infographic] Earn your Potential Customers’ Trust through Online Reputation Repair

The Vast Impact of Online Reputation on Consumers’ Purchase Decisions

It’s not enough for your business to have an online presence, especially if you don’t put a lot of effort into maintaining a healthy image on the Internet. In today’s competitive market, making yourself stand above your competition is only achievable by earning the trust of your audience through a positive online reputation. This would be difficult to accomplish if your business is bombarded with negative reviews and comments. [Read more…]