How SEO Can Help Small Businesses such as Your Local Plumbing Service

Everybody needs a plumber at one point or another, and seen as you’re probably one of these tradesmen yourself, you may take this fact as an excuse to neglect your marketing compared to other businesses. While it’s true that plumbers, electricians and the like have much less to worry about marketing than other contractors, if you want your business to be as fruitful as possible, you’ll need to adapt with the times, and bring some SEO into your marketing strategy. Here are some reasons you need online marketing and plumbing SEO.


If you weren’t already aware, SEO stands for search engine optimization, and is an online marketing technique used to bump a website further up a list of search results. There are many different methods involved in this kind of service, which are always being tweaked and innovated to keep up with Google’s constantly changing search algorithms. The base tactic in SEO is keyword implementation, usually carried out by a copywriter on-staff at a digital marketing company.

So why is this important for plumbers? Well, with the modern prevalence of the internet in people’s day to day lives, and computers becoming more and more accessible to Canadians and everyone else, paper listing such as the yellow pages are on their way out. One recent survey of 2000 people found that 86 percent went to the internet first when looking for a local business, and by the time you read this that figure may have increased exponentially! With so many of your potential clients searching the web for services like yours, why wouldn’t you try and tap into all the advantages of SEO?

The biggest, central advantage of SEO and online marketing is that when your site is ranked higher in search results, more people will click on it, and therefore have a higher chance of hiring you for a job. Through a good online marketing campaign, you’ll find yourself quickly reaching a much larger base of clients, as well as drawing in and retaining more of them.

If you localize your marketing efforts online, you’ll also be able to have a much more direct and prosperous relationship with your clients, especially if you utilize the ever-growing arena of social media marketing. Talk to a local online marketing firm such as Wthree Group of Companies Ltd. that has plenty of helping services just like yours succeed in the online realm.

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