Make Your Venture Stand Out from the Competition with Online Marketing

It’s easy to stand out in the market if there are only few competitors, but what if you’re in industries such as food or plumbing where the market is so saturated that your competition could literally be just a block away from you? Is it still possible to stand out in such an environment?

online marketing

The answer is “Yes”, but only with a proper online marketing strategy. Don’t think that just because you created a website with a few promotional videos, you are already ahead of the race; there’s a good chance that your competitors have their own websites with their own videos. Distributing flyers along your street also won’t also be enough, because the opposition can easily do the same to intercept your efforts.

Increased Value

What you need is smart plumbing SEO campaigns that offer something your competition doesn’t—but wait, aren’t you both offering the same service? One way of achieving this is by adding “value” to your product. For instance, instead of promising a quick fix to people’s pipes, provide them with hassle-free service that takes away their source of discomfort. You didn’t change the service, but you raised its value by appealing to the emotional and personal sides of your clients.

Meaningful Content

You also need to present yourself as a better service provider by sharing information with your clients. One good way to do this is by starting a blog where you can post articles describing how you can help people better. It will be a wise decision to link or send these articles to your current clients to improve customer relationships. You can also offer newsletters or e-books that they can download for free.

Close Interaction

You can start an online discussion page where your clients can directly ask you for tips and advice about the maintenance of their pipes, or even just leave in a few good words. This will help you establish yourself as a trusted and caring partner for their plumbing needs.

If you are having difficulties in improving your strategy, you can seek the advice of online marketing specialist firms like Wthree Group of Companies Ltd. to help you find the best angles for your campaign. More than the location or promos, the best way to get ahead of the competition is building the trust of the people in your local area. While you and your competitors may be offering the same services, at the end of the day, customers will choose the one they feel most comfortable working with.


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