The Role of SEO: How Online Marketing Can Help Your Plumbing Business

The increasing number of plumbing businesses that are marketing their services online means that calling on the services of an online marketing company is important not only for generating traffic, but also attracting the right traffic in the first place. To see how marketing online can help your plumbing business become more competitive, it’s important to understand just how the specialists go about performing their services.

Knowing the benefits of advertising online entails knowing the steps that go into this type of marketing. Some of these are:

• Site Design – Your site is the place customers will land to from search engines. A reliable marketing company will optimise your plumbing site to turn viewers into customers using ergonomic features and well-made content.

• Optimising Site Structure – One of the most important aspects of site design for plumbing companies is having the right number of pages. A marketing company will usually create up to 6 pages for you as a basic framework and add in keywords to help it rise to the top of the local rankings.

• Analysis – Monitoring site traffic statistics such as lead capture and tracking will give you a better idea of where to improve your marketing efforts and gain more customers.

• Social Media – Having a presence on social media is important for effective SEO for plumbing companies as this creates meaningful relationships with customers. Marketing companies will often create accounts for your business on multiple social platforms, thus increasing the chance of shares, likes, and users visiting your site.

Tapping into a New Audience of Potential Customers

With everyone being online these days, hiring an online marketing firm such as Wthree Group of Companies Ltd. is an important business strategy, especially for gaining local attention. While other avenues of marketing are still viable, such as newspapers and TV, the costs and lack of exposure make marketing online the ideal solution for most cases. In the current climate, newspaper circulations are decreasing and TV adverts are showing fewer returns.

Experts and industry observers estimate that as many as 85% of people look online first before considering a plumbing company to hire. Therefore, having an active presence on the web is vital to the continued growth of a business in the 21st century.


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