Online Reputation Management


There is no mechanism to regulate or to ensure fairness about positive or negative reviews online. Online Reputation Management will ensure that positive reviews about you will dominate the online world!

Online Reputation Management

Although the Internet allows your business to be seen and heard by all for the right reasons, it can also be host to criticisms against you. Such negativity can adversely affect the way customers perceive you and decrease their trust in your brand. Wthree Group of Companies, Ltd. can help you regulate your business’ online reputation and handle any problems you might be encountering.

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The Basics

Online reputation management (ORM) simply refers to the process of closely monitoring your reputation on the Web to ensure fair customer judgment. Should there be content that speaks ill of your Saskatoon business and its products or services, measures will be taken in order to diminish the fallout of the negative review or to counter it. This service allows businesses to enjoy fair treatment while allowing customers to make purchases without being too negatively predisposed.

Do You Need this Service?

The Internet allows customers to freely share their thoughts and opinions regarding products or services through online reviews and such, and rave reviews can do wonders for a business’ reputation. The opposite is also true; scathing remarks about a business can deter consumers from making a purchase. As more people turn to the Web for information before making a purchase, your Saskatoon business will need online reputation management services to make sure that your products and services are given a fair chance.

How We Approach Online Reputation Management

Our online reputation management service has various approaches that can level the online playing field for your business. We can collect positive reviews about your business from previous customers, and post them on authoritative websites in order to eclipse any negative reviews. We can also set up a profile for your business on social media, allowing you to address your customers’ concerns while gathering more followers to your side. In addition, we also have other ORM techniques such as competitor backlink analysis and content generation at our disposal.

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