Website Audit


Get a Professional Review and Analysis of your Website to Fix Issues that may have a negative impact on your rankings.

Website Audit

With everyone focused on strategies in dominating online rankings, there is a vital step in launching an online marketing campaign that often gets overlooked—that is, until your high-ranking website takes a sudden plunge to page 20 of Google. The loss of your top ranking could have been avoided by simply having a Website Audit done on your business website.

Wthree Group of Companies Ltd. specializes in performing extensive audits on websites for Saskatoon companies. Our team of specialists can determine if your business site is fulfilling its purpose. A website audit is instrumental in facilitating improvements and maximizing the marketing potential of your site, meaning more traffic, conversions, and profits for your business.

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Make Your Website Perform Better

Ideally, a website audit should be done prior to optimization or branding efforts. By proper identification of your site’s strengths and weaknesses, we can enhance the effectiveness of future optimization strategies. This way, our team can create complex marketing campaigns without encountering problems later on that could have been avoided with a website audit.

You can be sure that all the components of your site are functioning optimally with regular website audits. Conducting professional reviews and analysis of websites is what our team is highly experienced in.

An audit generally covers:

  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Comprehensive Target Keyword Analysis
  • Content and Inbound Links
  • Page and Link Errors
  • Page Title and Meta Description Issues
  • URL Architecting, Duplicate Content Analysis
  • Web Design
  • Web Structure Analysis

Marketing efforts such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, and Pay Per Click Advertising drive traffic to you site; having a faulty website can render all these strategies useless. By providing you with a comprehensive website audit report, we can pinpoint the errors that need to be corrected.

Aside from correcting issues on your site, our digital marketing services also help your page recover from Google’s regular algorithm updates. We make sure that your site complies with standards, features an organized information architecture, and offers enhanced accessibility and usability to avoid being pushed down the rankings due to algorithm changes.

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