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Expand your Website’s Reach to a Growing Number of Mobile Users by Going Mobile Responsive with your website design!

Your business’ website can help promote your products or services to customers online, but only if it looks appealing enough to attract attention. A website also needs to be accessible enough so that even those not using desktop computers can see and interact with it properly. Let Wthree Group of Companies Ltd. help you with your web design issues and ensure that your website works as intended.

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The Basics of Mobile Responsive Website Design

Before you start decorating your website to look more appealing to customers, you first have to worry about its functionality. Even if your website renders properly on a computer screen, it might not display properly on small screens—the kind that can be found on most tablets and smartphones. To ensure that your website works across multiple platforms, it will need mobile responsive web design.

Mobile responsive web design refers to a flexible web build that allows one website to load and render properly on any device, regardless of the screen resolution settings. With a responsive design, users can correctly see and navigate through a website without the need to zoom their screens or alter their resolutions. Some website development platforms such as WordPress support responsive design, so businesses should carefully choose a developer that builds sites using this platform or something similar.

Do You Need Mobile Responsive Web Design?

Due to the convenience of tablets and smartphones, people can now access the Internet on-the-go. Mobile web access is incredibly useful for customers who need to look for more information on a product or service before completely committing to a purchase. If your website loads incorrectly on such devices, you might be turning away potential customers from doing business with you. You will definitely need responsive design to further improve your online marketing approach.

How We Approach Mobile Responsive Web Design

In redesigning your website to be responsive, Wthree Group of Companies Ltd. uses WordPress as the main platform. Not only does WordPress support responsive design, it is also one of the most versatile web development tools available. It works great with website SEO strategies, and it can allow web masters to easily publish content.

Our experts can install, configure, and customize a WordPress platform to serve as the basis for your website design. We then provide graphic designs for the site, which can either be theme-based (related to your business’ industry) or customized to your specifications. Once that is complete, we then work on creating a responsive alternative design for your website, as well as implement other features.

Wthree Group of Companies, Ltd. provides digital marketing services to businesses in Saskatoon, SK. Specializing in SEO services.

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