Online Reputation Repair via an Ingenious Content Generation Approach

Modern consumers tend to believe almost everything they see on the Internet, especially as they look for particular products and services. For business owners, this trend could either be beneficial or detrimental to success as potential consumers base their purchase decisions on online reviews, blog posts, and comments that permeate search engine results and social media. Some businesses are bathed with commendations, while others are bombarded with complaints and bad reviews. The question is, which of these two are you?

The importance of monitoring and managing your online reputation cannot be overstated. By investing in a solid Online Reputation Repair (ORR) service, you can effectively curb any undesirable online content about your business, and proactively regain or boost a positive online reputation to earn your customers’ trust.


It All Starts with Content

The goal of every ORR campaign is to push any potentially damaging content lower on search engine results pages, while also highlighting your website along with any other content that can reinforce your positive online image. To achieve this, you must begin generating content—lots of it. Other than regular updates to your website, content can also come in the form of comprehensive pillar content, social media updates, quarterly press releases, and guest posts on established blog sites.

Creating and hosting a website, expanding web properties, and requesting the removal of bad content are also among the many techniques that can be implemented to help manage your online reputation. All these strategies are integrated to our unique service offering.

How Do You Create Content for ORR?

If you want your ORR efforts to yield results, publishing run-of-the-mill content won’t do. Your content should engage your audience and convince them of your credibility as a business entity, and if possible, an authoritative figure in your industry. So, what approach should you take in creating content for an ORR campaign?

Generally, we recommend four methods.

You could do the humanization approach, where your content shows more of the human aspects of your business. You may also show them the inside story, or the why’s and the how’s of your business. To further give your audience a glimpse of your business, you can narrate your backstory and cover some interesting points in your history. Finally, leave a good impression on your readers by offering a positive perspective on your content.

Bring in the Pros

ORR can be a content-intensive campaign, and you’ll need to continuously generate engaging content with insightful topics. What if you run out of topic ideas or simply do not have the time to handle the writing yourself? This underscores the need to employ professional help to handle your content generation, publishing and monitoring.

It follows that you will be asked to provide information essential to producing spot-on write-ups. Beyond this, you need a team capable of breaking down any existing online content, identifying the key ideas that best highlight your strengths, and expanding those into new topic ideas. We may also cover your relevant interests, ongoing activities and other features that put you or your business in a good light.

We employ a variety of strategies depending on the materials available to us:

What do we do with the existing content pertaining to your company?

Whether they are previously published papers, positive mentions on the news, or existing customer rave reviews, we can leverage them in a powerful way. We could provide a rundown or point-by-point account of those materials and infuse some additional points geared toward maximizing the content’s impact.

What can we do with your relevant interests?

Let’s say you’re interested in charity work. Based on this information, we can create expanded topics—for instance, a pillar content detailing all your charitable projects, or a series of monthly blog articles with updates on your charitable work.

How do we leverage your ongoing activities?

Your ongoing activities can provide us with lots of topics for monthly blog posts and guest blog articles! Even if your activities seemingly do not relate to your business, we can increase its relevance through analogies and other literary devices.

What about relevant content on the web? 

Though these aren’t directly related to your business, we can spin them and make them about your business! Developments in your industry will be a staple under this category. We will provide a rundown of those developments and maximize every opportunity to stress the value of your business or line of work.

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Your reputation on the Internet can make or break your business. Protecting and bolstering your name or brand online is an investment any savvy personality or business owner will make. Do not let bad reviews taint your reputation. Deal with them early on and let us work on putting forward content that can contribute to your success.

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