Three Ways to Follow Wthree Group of Companies’ Updates and Offers

These days, having listings in the Yellow Pages and booking advertisements on newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio no longer hold as much power as they used to when it comes to generating leads and attracting customers for businesses. It’s all about the World Wide Web now. If you don’t have Internet presence, you might as well close shop.

Of course, with Wthree Group of Companies Ltd. as your online partner, shutting down your business will not be present in your things-to-do list—and we’ll make sure of that. We’ll help you get your name out there on the Web so customers can easily find information on products or services you offer. Meanwhile, if you want to monitor updates from our company and learn about our special promotions, there are three ways you can do so:


Who doesn’t want to set up an account in the world’s no. 1 social networking site these days? There are some, mostly individuals who intend to remain anonymous on the Net and keep their lives private. Well, this doesn’t apply to us and our business. We want to connect with our customers effortlessly, and let you know the latest services and promotions we offer. This is exactly what our Facebook page is for.


In this popular social media site, we keep things sweet and simple, which is just perfect for our on-the-go customers. By following us on Twitter, you will learn of our company updates. Our Twitter feed will also inform you about any special offers we’ve cooked up for our customers.


While Twitter and Facebook allow us to have a wide reach, we believe that maintaining a professional image on social media is equally important. Thankfully, there is LinkedIn, designed especially for business-oriented purposes. Our LinkedIn page gives you comprehensive information of the professional achievements of our CEO & online representative, Shane Cyrenne.

How can we help you win a race in which your competitors already had a head start? Simple. We will launch a dedicated online marketing campaign for you. Keep checking our social networking pages, and we can make things happen for your small business. If you are interested in our services, call us at 1-306-974-6100 or e-mail

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