Understanding Pay-Per-Click Marketing: Why PPC Should be Part of your Online Marketing Strategy

With many business owners like you also trying to get potential customers notice their business, simply having a website is not enough. You should do more to And because of tougher competition, relying on SEO alone just won’t cut it. With Pay-per-click Marketing or PPC, your ads will appear on the first page of search results for the keywords you target.

Being on the first page of search results is not just about having more traffic, it’s also about increasing awareness for your brand. When your ads appear in the search results, your potential customers will get an “impression” of your business giving your brand extra exposure.


Understanding PPC

Wouldn’t advertising online be too expensive? To put things simply, pay per click means you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisements. Your ads get displayed in various locations online and on the first page of search results alongside organic results, and you don’t pay unless they click on it. You also don’t have to worry about overspending because you can set your budget and how long your campaign will run.

What Do Marketers Get from PPC

One of the primary goals of marketers who implement PPC is to increase web traffic. While SEO is still a necessary part of an online marketing strategy, it does take longer to rank in search results especially if you’ve only started recently. A study shows that 55% of searchers online cannot distinguish between PPC ads and organic results. Implementing PPC can give your business the boost you need by having your ads appear for your targeted keywords once your campaign starts. Unlike SEO, implementing PPC is like directly spending money on website traffic.

More Businesses are Investing on PPC

About 51% of marketers are increasing their PPC budget. E-commerce giant Amazon is the biggest spender with $157.7 million spent Google AdWords. Following Amazon is the Priceline Group at $82.3 million and AT&T following closely behind at $81.9 million. The finance and insurance industry altogether has the biggest ad spend at $4 billion, followed by the retailers at $2.8 billion. As a result, the finance industry also has the highest conversion rate at 7.19%. These only show that these companies are investing a huge amount of money on PPC because they are getting a huge return on investment.

With several options for targeting, PPC is like a dream come true for those who want instant traffic. You can ensure that your ads become visible to those potential customers with high purchase intent while keeping control on what and how much you spend.

Are you ready to take your online marketing to the next level? Pay-per-click marketing might sound simple but implementing a campaign requires high-level technical skills. We’re here to help you. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business today!